Lawrence E. Savage


Lawrence E. Savage Sr. lived his childhood years in Chicago, Illinois and later moved to Jackson, Mississippi.  During this time, Lawrence has made a number of great accomplishments and contributions.  He has drawn and delivered portraits of Wynton Marsalis, Gladys Knight, James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Steve McNair, and George Foreman.   His most famous presentation was the Ill Deal With It poster presented to Magic Johnson.  In support of Magic Johnson legacy over 400 signatures were collected on the poster.  He also presented a picture to the Black Caucuses of the Mississippi and Tennessee legislature.  The former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, is one of his most significant presentations!  Mr. Clinton personally signed and returned a copy of the portrait to the artist.  Around the Jackson area alone, he has created many murals at churches, elementary schools, and local businesses.  He has devoted his life and dreams to every person that has ever had any association with him.  Savage has once stated, My Godly efforts will continue to grace my family and the people around me.  Lawrence E. Savage is one of the great missionaries of our time!  His work will remain an icon for years to come.