• Have you ever dreamed of a fundraiser item that can be cherished for a lifetime?

  • A fundraiser that the organization can receive 40% Profit from the sales plus Incentives

  If you’re looking for a fundraiser, Exquisite Art Collection can offer a great opportunity to raise money for your organization and provide quality products to your customers

Nationally known artist Lawrence E. Savage has agreed to allow his talent and creativity to be used to help support education and extra-curricular activities for students.  Mr. Lawrence Savage who presently resides in Jackson, Mississippi has created thousands of masterpieces of art.  Art that spans for generations, invigorates the psyche, and enhances the imagination. 

The artist has created many quality pictures that have been reprinted and can be sold for a fraction of the cost of his original pictures.  For example; “The Lily’s” original would normally be sold for $250.00 but having the opportunity to reprint ‘The Lily” at the highest quality of reproduction allows the artist to sale the reprints at very affordable prices.  This allows the artist to allot a percentage to the fundraiser and make sure the cost of reproducing the picture is covered. Featured on the cover are examples of Lawrence E. Savage’s artwork.  We will have at least 25 of his most famous pictures featured for the fundraiser.  We have also enclosed the percentage of proceeds that will be donated to the fundraiser effort.  (Please see Example of Profits for details)  If you feel that this innovative, creative, exciting fundraiser is for your school and or any organizations in your school please feel free to contact Lawrence Savage II at:  (214) 476-1584, e-mail: art@exq-art.com or Yolanda R. Savage at (505) 248-4210, e-mail: yolanda.savage@mail.ihs.gov.  To apply online please fill in your information below.

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